The changing of the seasons compelled me to do a more “autumn feeling” retouch – even though we don’t experience the traditional changing of the seasons here in Far North Queensland (unlike Canberra)!

To me, the colours of this image really give me autumn vibes. I can see the red leaves falling down, coating the ground, with the days getting shorter and the nights cooler. The firey red hair of this model – oh.

Woman Red Hair

I found in this image, I really had to unfortunately tone down the vivid red of her hair – it felt like it was taking away the focus from her eyes. I also had to focus a lot of time drawing the red tones out of her skin, and making those gorgeous freckles pop!

Generally though, overall, I felt like this was a fairly fast edit. I’m sure as I look back on it further down the line I’ll discover things I don’t like about it however. It’s a given.

I’m really pleased with how her eyes turned out – but I’m not impressed with the file size. I really felt like I turned it into a behemoth, what with its dozens of adjustment layers and masks. Maybe, too, I need to go a bit lighter on the sharpening.

In regards to this retouch – what do you think? Is there anything you would change or do differently? Any tips? Please comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

As always, stay well, and have a great day!